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I would like to warn that the Duolingo Hindi app is pretty awful. The audio is really unclear. I had a native speaker listen to it and they couldn't tell what was being said. It's also buggy. Someone on r/LanguageLearning wrote an extensive review detailing its flaws:


I have some recommendations for you. Here you can find videos about everyday life in Germany. I think, this is a quite nice channel, representing German by authentic language examples. The playlists are sorted by levels and always with German and English subtitles. This link leads to news in simple language from Northern German Broadcasting, which can as ...


A small number of computer science conferences record videos of the talks. One I presented at was Massive Storage Systems and Technology (MSST 2016) (although I don't think my video is available). The plenary-talk videos are available here. For example, Workflow Specification for Large-Scale Computational Systems by David Montoya (with accompanying talk ...


I have hard time believing that you cannot find computer-related presentations on the web. Just google any relevant compsci terms. If you want video, youtube has zillions, and TED talks has thousands more. For plain slides, google I.e. "slideshow archives" - looks promising, there are more.


If you want to know the names of the dynasties, there are plenty of rhymes you can find to help you memorize the order and solidify your knowledge of them. I found two that I've mostly translated below, and you can google around each one in English or Chinese to get more details on any of them. I would also recommend trying to see how Chinese people learn ...


Duolingo's really fun for learning languages but too bad it does not offer Tagalog. However, there are many other alternatives. Here's a great resource with 6 alternative apps to learn Tagalog. There's Mondly, Memrise and Pimsleur. There are also these two apps: "Learn Tagalog by Dalubhasa" and "Learn Tagalog With Master Ling", if you ...

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