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There are three key things to pay attention to (I've found): place of articulation (~ tongue location) aspiration (~ whether air comes out while you speak) voicing (~ whether vocalised - think sneezing 'choo vs. AAH-CHOOOO) Wikipedia has a convenient table: of the top row, I think (in my beginners' experience) only nasalisation needs conscious thought, ...


Reverso (diacritics and romanization, including of conjugations) Wiktionary (diacritics and romanization, including of conjugations) Dict (diacritics and romanization) (diacritics and romanization) Almaany (diacritics) Lane (diacritics) ArabicLexicon (collection of classical dictionaries, some with diacritics) Dicts (romanization) Alpheios ...


I couldn't find any with diacritics, but these dictionaries all indicate pronunciation of each word by romanization: Hayyim (Persian-English) Steingass (Persian-English; also via Alpheios) Wiktionary (Persian-English) Vajehyab (Persian) Wiktionary is the only one with pronunciation of conjugated verbs.

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