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I am a 16-year-old Indian girl from India. Hindi and Urdu are my first and second languages, respectively. I go to an English medium school (Indian English) and have a basic grasp of Arabic. I started learning Spanish on Duolingo around 3-4 months ago. But now, in addition to Spanish, I want to learn Latin, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Telugu, and Sanskrit. Can I learn all of the languages at once, or should I learn them one at a time? And, if so, with which languages should I begin? Which should I start with? If I learn all of the languages at the same time, I feel I will become confused regarding vocabulary, syntax, and so on. Will it be a success? Perhaps I should study languages that are related (like Spanish and Portuguese) together, or do you have a preferred sequence for learning languages? I started learning Telugu and Sanskrit last year, but I quit and gave up since I didn't have time and couldn't locate resources to learn. Can you help me review my goals to learn, revisit the language, and pick up where I left off? I was wondering if you have any suggestions about where to look for resources and where to begin my studies. I would like to improve my language skills to help me in life. Please advise. Thank you!

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