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Rebecca J. Stones

I'm an associate professor at Nankai University in China. I have a PhD in pure mathematics from Monash University, Australia (awarded 2010; math genealogy), Erdős number 2 (paper), and the 2012 Kirkman medal.

Rebecca Stones, 计算机与控制工程学院

My current research interests include:

  • Mathematics: Latin squares, graph algorithms, the Tutte polynomial, etc.;
  • Computer science: storage systems, search engines, codes and cryptography, etc.;
  • Computational biology: evolution (e.g. here), network motifs;
  • Psychology: gender studies. (My paper here was mentioned in the Washington Post.)

I'm trying to improve my Chinese to the point where I can present my research. My Chinese name is 李蓓 (Lǐbèi).

I'm a rusty chess player (FIDE rating). I represented Australia in the 2016 Asian Chess Championship (women) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (results).

I love traveling, and I've been to these countries: Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, USA, Wales.

I converted to Islam on the 5-th June, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. My Arabic name is جنة (Jannah).

Here's me in Iran, 19 May, 2017:

Me in Iran with the Iranian flag

Here's me in Indonesia, 9 August, 2017:

Me in Indonesia at the Itsiklal Mosque

Here's me having a tender moment with the Sphinx, 7 February, 2018:


(Updated: 28 May, 2018.)

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