I've been told a few times that I'm fluent in Spanish. But I'm not.

I can survive as a tourist in German and French. And more or less in Georgian, Japanese, and Korean.

I can fake, via my Spanish, enough to survive as a tourist in Italian and Portuguese, but not Romanian, despite my best efforts.

I've visited the country or tried to learn, or played around with a bunch more languages. I have a collection of dictionaries, phrasebooks, and grammars.

I know the writing systems, at least for reading, for Arabic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Hangul, Hebrew, Lao, and Zhuyin Fuhao.

I know to a degree, but still forget or have trouble with some characters or orthographic rules, Khmer and Thai.

I've failed utterly to teach myself Traditional Mongolian.

I'm currently learning a bit of Tai Lue and its two writing systems, New Tai Lue and Lanna/Tai Tham.

I do programming as a hobby with a particular interest in languages, writing systems, localization, and internationalization. I worked professionally as a programmer in the '90s until the IT bubble burst, but not with languages.

I've travelled to 59 or 61 countries, depending on whether or not you're Chinese. I try to learn the national language at least a bit and I try to buy books on local minority languages.

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