A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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For questions about methods, techniques, and/or practices that assist in learning another language
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Requests for resources related to language learning or teaching.
× 114
For questions regarding teaching oneself a language with minimal or no prior experience with it
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For questions asking for a published journal to be included as reference in your answer. Please avoid answering questions tagged [reference-request] without referencing a published journal.
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primarily hosted online or in a sort of electronic medium; examples include audiobooks, movies, and songs.
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The body of words used in a particular language, or that known by an individual speaker.
× 74
Questions guided towards multiple languages, whether it be comparing them, using them in tandem, or questions about more than one language in general
× 70
Questions about the sounds, intonation, and stress of how words are uttered or produced. When asking questions about learning or teaching the pronunciation of a specific language, pleased add a langua…
× 62
Questions about learning or teaching the English language.
× 57
The grammar of a language defines the way in which its sentences are constructed by establishing its structure, syntax, and morphology
× 50
Questions about the Chinese languages and their dialects, including, but not limited to, Standard Chinese, Mandarin, Wu, Yue, and Min.
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used to help teach a target language to other people.
× 49
For questions about the ability to interpret written texts
× 48
Physical resources such as dictionaries, text books, audio recordings, flash cards, etc, as opposed to online or electronic resources.
× 39
Questions about developing, improving or maintaining oral skills.
× 38
For questions about learning languages online with sites such as Duolingo
× 37
a set of symbols used to represent a language in writing. A writing system can be representative of various sounds (cenemic), of various meanings (pleremic), or both.
× 33
For questions of or relating to the Spanish language.
× 30
For questions related to the German language. Questions about specific German language properties generally belong on http://german.stackexchange.com/, please read their on-topic guide before posting …
× 29
Questions about how to teach a language to another person.
× 29
Questions related to listening, especially developing and improving listening skills.
× 28
Questions regarding the effectiveness of specific language-learning or teaching techniques.
× 27
Questions about the Japanese language and its writing systems (kanji, katakana, hiragana).
× 26
How children learn languages differently (or similarly) to adults, and how children can be taught to learn languages.
× 26
For questions related to using sources that contain definitions, information or translations of words
× 26
Questions related to a method of study that increases the interval of time between reviews of older, more experienced terms. Spaced repetition can use physical resource (e.g. a Leitner box) or a softw…
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For questions about the Russian language and its dialects.
× 25
For questions that compare one language with one or more other languages.
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For questions of or relating to the Arabic language.
× 24
for questions of or relating to the French language.
× 22
a flashcard application that uses spaced-repetition algorithms to decrease studying time and increase memory fidelity.
× 21
For questions related to the acquisition of a second language.
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Questions related to graded readers: books written in an easy language that is adapted to the level of learners of a foreign language. Graded readers are available for various levels of proficiency. T…
× 20
An individual's native languages (or mother tongues; L1) are those which have been learned by or before the critical period
× 19
Questions related to the use and purpose of flash cards, whether it be to improve them or use them.
× 17
For questions related to using writing to help acquire languages.