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Good reference on Devanagari typography and alphabet learning

In addition to what's already been mentioned, DuoLingo has a Hindi track, which includes a section on learning the letters. It has an interactive page for each letter that lets you trace the strokes, ...
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Is there a typing tutor for Modern Hebrew?

An excellent free online site that teaches Hebrew typing is https://sense-lang.org/typing/hebrew.php. It presents the letters in a sensible order, starting with ח and כ. If you don't know Hebrew well ...
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Mnemonics for learning Hangul?

The introduction of the textbook "Integrated Korean: Beginning 1" by Cho et al. is a useful academic resource for picking up mnemonics for some letters, especially the letters whose shapes ...
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Way to learn Persian (Perso-Arabic) alphabet

I think you should learn the alphabet of Farsi separately and then start the reading and writing in Farsi. And another point is that the alphabet and pronunciation of Farsi and Arabic is different.
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