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Are second languages processed the same way as first languages?

This is an open question in SLA, which even further depends on a person's fluency in a given L2, although most would agree at least some similarities are shared. At some level, certain processes are ...
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What is the Representational Deficit Hypothesis?

The Representational Deficit Hypothesis (RDH) is part of the greater school of thought that L2s are not processed in the same manner as a native language. Specifically, the RDH states that L2 learners ...
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What is the "emergentist" approach to SLA?

Emergentism is the view that SLA occurs "bottom-up," that is, learners use general mechanisms to acquire an L2, as opposed to innate language-specific methods. From this perspective, the basic ...
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What ways can ChatGPT assist with learning a foreign language?

I'm actively using ChatGPT (and other GenAI) heavily for learning Chinese (you can see multiple study videos on my YouTube channel, including this one where I voice chat with ChatGPT). As an AI ...
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Studies on average time by full immersion in 2nd+ language to become conversant?

I'm not sure such studies exist. There are probably only examples, and there is only one good example that I know of: Daniel Everett is a famous monolingual fieldworker of the type you're asking ...
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What affects how hard something is to learn in my L2?

Roughly four factors determine how hard something is to learn (agnostic of L1): frequency, salience, redundancy, and context, each of which I'll discuss below. These features work together to ...
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How did Chomsky's Universal Grammar impact language learning theory in the 1950s and 1960s?

I would argue that it largely resulted in the development of the Audio-Lingual and Direct Method teaching methodologies. Have a look at this list of language teaching methodologies. It gives a good ...
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