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Phonetic typing for any language

I would bite the bullet and get a Russian keyboard. In the long run it is better to use the native character keyboard. You have to learn it, but doing so eliminates one step (realizing and entering ...
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Phonetic typing for any language

The reason why there exist complex programs for typing CJK symbols is the fact that there are simply too many symbols to fit into any keyboard. Cyrillic letters pretty much fit the standard keyboard (...
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Are there any professionally edited digital dictionaries for Mac?

Actually macOS / OS X comes with the "Dictionary" app built in. This however is not obvious because it is not promoted and by default only the English dictionary is activated. You find the ...
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Automatically create a list of new vocabulary from an eBook

I do not know of any existing software; however, I do something similar to what you have described using a selection of open-source software running on a Linux platform. I have not automated the ...
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Is it possible to add HTML when creating cards in AnkiWeb?

Since you only want to automate something (I'm assuming with some sort of program or script), I would recommend taking a look at AnkiConnect, which provides a REST API for interacting with the local ...
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Windows app or software for suggesting our own vocabulary list daily as little popup?

This is a cool idea. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that there is no such a program like that. This would be simple in term of programming, but you need to do that yourself though. Nevertheless, RSIGuard ...
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What multi-language translator or dictionary software is it worth to consider?

I prefer monolingual dictionaries where possible. If I want to translations in particular, I use Wiktionary via (no affiliation). The benefit is that when I write a word ...
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What are the benefits of augmented reality for language learning according to research?

Immersion, reading, usage of audio-visual cues, listening. For immersion, you might be put in an environment that constantly uses the target language. This benefits the learner by allowing them to ...
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Phonetic typing for any language

Yes. And if you know how to type in the official transliteration systems, there is the fantastically useful Cyracademisator. And see here; Martin Podolak is a beast. And for ...
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Fun mobile apps for teaching kids English?

Not a smartphone app, but desktop: When my son was learning English (about 10 years old), I introduced him to computer game Civilization (available for free as "Freeciv" on Linux). There, different ...
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An application to show words on display

If you want a presentation, you might want to consider... well, a presentation software like Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, or a website like Prezi. Though they do not specifically target ...
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Looking for Personal Lexicon / Dictionary software

Do try Anki: I have been using it for 5+ years to study/improve my knowledge of languages and to prepare for exams. It has an impressive toolkit, and additionally supports ...
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