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Similar Languages to South-Slavic/Balkan

I suggest that you learn the constructed language called Interslavic. In fact, it would be a service to the community if you learned it well, used it for communication, and then reported the results. ...
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Good resources for learning Croatian?

The website Easy Croatian has 90 lessons (plus appendices) available for free (and for download) and seems very comprehensive - extensive & detailed lessons, and well-organized. However, it's not ...
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Question about Macedonian Grammar

Take the following sentence as an example that includes all your points: Јаc сум ја прочитал книгата. Jas sum ja pro=čita-l kniga-ta. I1 am2 3-sing-fem-acc-clitic3 perf=read-past4 ...
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Best way to learn Czech noun declensions

As a native Czech speaker, I should be able to answer some of your questions, but not all. Usage of the cases is something I have learned naturally (without having any idea of grammar), so I can't ...
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How to decline Czech words

As a native speaker I can tell you a method we learn when in elementary school. It however requires you to know the nominative, genitive (+accusative for masculine) declensions of the word beforehand. ...
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How to decline Czech words

The Internet Language Reference book will give you complete declension and conjugation tables for the words included. The English version is It is an authoritative ...
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What are the characteristics of the Macedonian language in this quote referring to?

Doubling of the Object- this probably refers to the use of two object pronouns in a sentence, specifically when describing the use of direct and indirect object pronouns with a verb. Verb aspect (...
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