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What resources are there for learning Romanian verb conjugation?

Short answer, yes, the only form that is correct for the conjugation of the verb "to work" ("a lucra") is Eu lucrez, and the one with Eu lucra is completely wrong. In fact, below is the conjugation of ...
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Do Romanian nouns use the same gender as corresponding Latin nouns?

I may be two years too late, but I can tell you that the answer to your question is no. First, not all Romanian words are of direct Latin origin. If you take the Latin hortus (garden), which is ...
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Can't find books to learn Romanian

I have found the following resources: Discover Romanian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture by Rodica BoŇ£oman. 425 pages (textbook), a set of 10 audio CDs and a student workbook. Published ...
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What resources are there for learning Romanian in accordance with the CEFR ability levels?

FWIW, I have found that the key words for each CEFR level are much the same from one language to another. In a pinch, I would first identify the words for a CEFR level in a more common language, say ...
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