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Questions related to any form of learning that is not formal learning: learning that is not intentional from the learner's point of view, e.g. through socialisation, inculturation or play.

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Learning a language without studying grammar

I'm more or less capable of explaining my thoughts in English and I've recently started learning Spanish. Of course, there's a bunch of various articles/videos/posts on how to do it. But one thing I ...
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Can we define a Process describing the way we discover and learn new words in our mother tongue?

Can we define a Process describing the way we discover and learn new words in our mother tongue? This could apply to a child who is learning to speak as well to an adult. Consider that you discover a ...
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Can a baby learn a new language by interacting with a foreign language speaker over skype?

A friend who took a linguistics class in college once told me that an infant can't learn a new language by sitting in front of a TV program because the TV program doesn't react to their facial ...
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Is it possible to learn a language without translation?

Let's assume I have no knowledge in a language I want to learn. I know only some basic alphabet, but don't know any words. Is it possible to learn a language just by watching videos and reading books ...
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How to get most language learning benefits from frequent casual conversations with natives?

I know several languages on various levels: Polish native English C1-C2 German B2-C1 Russian B1 Spanish B1 I have tons of opportunities to speak to natives: English - quite a few people at work (...
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How to start recognizing tones and accents?

I would like to start recognizing tones, accents and stresses in languages I already know. Are there efficient ways to do this? For a little more background : I have recently become aware of the ...
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How can I sound more 'native'?

I'm fluent in French and Russian - by which I mean that I don't have any trouble reading novels and can easily converse in either without making grammatical errors or feeling uncomfortable - and have ...
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Can comprehension happen before meaning?

I'm trying to find the right terminology to describe the learning process that might be happening when a language learner goes from comprehension to meaning, rather than the other way around. Imagine ...
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Benefits of reading texts one does not understand well

My Danish skills are at the level where I can usually puzzle out the meaning of a newspaper article, even though I won't understand most specialized words. I took a quick look at some pages of a ...
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How did Celine Dion learn to sing in perfect English?

Celine Dion is from Quebec, a predominantly French-speaking province in Canada. English is not her native language, yet in her songs her English is perfect. Is this because she grew up speaking the ...
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Take Spanish 3 (university level) or start self-studying?

I only have 2-3 "free" classes (not major-related) able to take before I graduate, and I want to learn both Spanish and Japanese. I'm taking Japanese 1 & Spanish 3 in the fall, but with such a ...
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Can one become fluent in a language without studying it formally?

I ask myself if it's possible become fluent in a language without studying it. When you are 1/2 years old, you learn a language without studying it. You need just to listen and listen. So, is it ...
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Is it possible to learn a language just by being exposed to media and books? [closed]

Say I want to learn to speak Chinese. Could it be possible to learn Chinese just by watching subtitled Chinese movies/tv and reading books made for children?
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