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the process of a language learner exposing themselves to an environment in which a language the language learner is trying to learn is spoken natively or in great abundance.

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Does immersion actually work?

I’ve heard people say constantly that “immersion is great and you’ll learn a language that way”. Some even go as far as saying that immersion is the only way to learn a language. But is it really true?...
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Any online discussion forums in a Germanic language other than English or German?

I have found that Stack Exchange, Yahoo Answers, Zhihu and other sites allow you to immerse yourself in major languages by asking and answering questions on multilingual pages. Are there any such ...
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Does learning a new language while in the target country instead of learning the current language reach the goal of acquiring both faster in the end?

Here is the situation: I have now been learning French for two months. I will start to stay in South Korea for one month. After staying in Korea, I'll stay in France and attend language school for ...
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Learning Tahitian, having issues with comprehension

I'm taking a class at my school in Tahitian, it is the beginning level. However, I am having trouble with understanding and memorizing the words. I am a native English speaker and know Mandarin to a ...
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Does living in a country where the language is spoken improve the language skill that much?

It seems quite common among language learners that living in a country where the language you learn is spoken is a very effective way to improve the language skill (especially speaking). However, ...
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Studies on average time by full immersion in 2nd+ language to become conversant?

Are there any studies that have noted some "average"1 length of time for a brand new 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) language learner fully immersed in a culture to pick up a new language to a level of at least ...
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Specific techniques for learning Danish and Norwegian at the same time

I am presently living in Denmark and will soon move to Norway. My Danish is at A2-B1 level, depending on the task and the subject matter. I also remember some remnants of Swedish from my school years. ...
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Learning Russian from completely beginner to B2/C1

I have 1 year to learn Russian from completely scratch to at least B2 level in TORFL. I will go to an intensive language course in St. Petersburg, Russia. The course will be 20 hours per week, I ...
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Can one become fluent in a language without studying it formally?

I ask myself if it's possible become fluent in a language without studying it. When you are 1/2 years old, you learn a language without studying it. You need just to listen and listen. So, is it ...
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Is there research showing the detrimental psychological effects of learning a language through full immersion?

I know from hearsay and can sympathize from my own experience that many people experience depression overseas when learning a language fully immersed. I can imagine that this leads to low-confidence ...
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How can immersion in the language's country improve beginner skills?

As a beginner in language X, how will immersion in that language's country help learn the language faster and better? Are there any studies that show that visiting the language's country helps to ...
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How does immersion passively help with learning a language?

It's a commonly claimed idea that just by being surrounded by people speaking a language you can become familiar with it. Sometimes it's even claimed that this can occur without actively learning the ...
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