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Questions about Germanic languages (e.g. English, German, Dutch and Danish), a branch of the Indo-European language family.

The Germanic languages are a large subfamily of closely related languages within the Indo-European language family. The Germanic languages are typified by Grimm's law, which observes that there are a largely consistent set of sound differences between the Romance and Celtic languages on one hand and the Germanic languages on the other due to sound shifts in Proto-Germanic. One famous example of this is the English word "foot", which is cognate to the French "pied" and Spanish "pie" per the Grimm's law sound changes of p->f and d->t.

Tag Usage

You should use this tag when asking questions broadly applicable to studying Germanic languages in general, questions applicable to studying multiple Germanic languages, or questions involving learning the similarities and differences among Germanic languages. For questions pertaining to a specific Germanic language, prefer to use a language-specific tag.

Tags for specific Germanic languages

Several tags exist for specific Germanic languages. You should use the specific language tag (if it exists) if you are asking a question about a specific Germanic language.

List of Germanic languages

Here are some common and notable Germanic languages (taken from the list on Wikipedia).

West Germanic languages

North Germanic languages