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What is a good way to explain the concept of declension to a person whose native language has no declension?

My basic advice is: start from what they know. For example, in some languages, you need to choose different personal pronouns depending on whether they are used as a subject or as an (direct/...
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Best way to learn Czech noun declensions

As a native Czech speaker, I should be able to answer some of your questions, but not all. Usage of the cases is something I have learned naturally (without having any idea of grammar), so I can't ...
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How to decline Czech words

As a native speaker I can tell you a method we learn when in elementary school. It however requires you to know the nominative, genitive (+accusative for masculine) declensions of the word beforehand. ...
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How to decline Czech words

The Internet Language Reference book will give you complete declension and conjugation tables for the words included. The English version is It is an authoritative ...
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What are the advantages of tables with declension endings to study a declension system?

In many learning contexts, the aim is for a skill to be so deeply ingrained that you do the right thing without any conscious effort - e.g. a musician hits a key or a string with just the right amount ...
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