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Questions tagged [writing]

For questions related to using writing to help acquire languages.

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What aspects of "Remembering the Kana" make it effective for learning kana?

While Remembering the Kana is regarded by some as having some flaws (some have criticised how it teaches katakana, and I've noticed a few inconsistencies or errors in the book that a proof-reader ...
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Is it more advantageous to learn the writing system or the spoken form of a language first?

There are several primary aspects of a language, including both the writing system and the spoken form of a language. What does scientific research say about the order to learn these two factors when ...
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Is there a Modern Hebrew chatbot that I can practice with?

An article from 2017 mentions that creating a text chatbot in Hebrew is more difficult than for Indo-European languages due to the morphological complexity of Hebrew verbs. The article then proposes a ...
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How does the proportion of Chinese-language students who learn handwriting change with level?

Many students of Chinese as a second language opt out of learning handwriting characters. My impression (from my personal experience) is that the proportion of beginner students who learn handwriting ...
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Tracing in Pre-Literacy/Childcare to Teach Writing Controversy

Teaching writing through letter tracing prompts in childcare/early childhood seems to be quite a controversial topic. I thought the use of tracing prompts with either dashes, faded or outlined letters ...
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How can I go from "I can express myself" to "I can express myself in multiple ways"?

Most of the time, I can express myself appropriately in Chinese (speaking and writing). The catch is, my language would sound more fluent if I were able to say essentially the same thing in multiple ...
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Q: What do I do after I can read kanji, katakana, and hiragana?

I'm starting to learn Japanese but I'm wondering what I do after I can read (know katakana, hiragana, and kanji) and (probably) write Japanese? How do I understand what people are saying and say it ...
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How to write an actionable sentence in the Dutch language?

I'm trying to improve my GTD system and a recurring suggested theme is to make your goals actionable. Things like "Repair laptop, cleanup kitchen, buy milk, call mother' all start with the verb ...
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