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Deciding which writing system or writing systems to learn or use while learning a language

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Tracing in Pre-Literacy/Childcare to Teach Writing Controversy

Teaching writing through letter tracing prompts in childcare/early childhood seems to be quite a controversial topic. I thought the use of tracing prompts with either dashes, faded or outlined letters ...
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Of the following which would you consider the most common Arabic form of language used [closed]

I am in need to translating a site of mine and I need to add Arabic. According to the language code there are several forms. Which of these would you consider to be the most "common" type? ar-AE ...
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Should I learn Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters for reading in China?

I am interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, as written in Mainland China, and I see that they use both Traditional and Simplified characters. Is one more dominant than the other? Is one considered ...
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Which alphabet should I learn for Tatar?

I'd like to learn Tatar, particularly Kazan Tatar (not Crimean Tatar), but there are three alphabets in use: Zamanälif (Latin), Cyrillic, and İske imlâ (Arabic). My grandfather only knows İske imlâ ...
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