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The expression of time references by means of (conjugated) verbs.

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Spanish verb tenses cheat sheet?

This is rather embarrassing, but I lived in Spain for five years from the age 9 to 14, and I also went through their education system, but I still do not know when to use which of los tiempos verbales....
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Efficient way to teach English singular/plurals and verb tenses to Chinese students

Chinese mandarin nouns have no singular/plural forms. Also, the concept of time in mandarin is not expressed by changing verb forms, and other mechanisms are used for this purpose, such as adding '...
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Teaching the Present Continuous before the Simple Present?

What would be the pros and cons of teaching the Present Continuous before the Simple Present of main verbs? As every teacher and foreign learner of English knows, courses and course books usually ...
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How does the existence of a separate present progressive tense affect the learnability of a foreign language?

In English, the present progressive tense has its own distinguished syntax. For example, the present progressive I am writing differs from the simple present tense I write. On the other hand, in ...
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How to overcome verb tense confusion

My wife, who is a native Spanish speaker, speaks pretty good English, but still struggles with mixing present and past tenses. Yesterday I buy a dress. I will ate lunch at 1:00. It seems to be ...
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