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Questions about learning or teaching the Ukrainian language, an east Slavic language spoken mostly in Ukraine. Questions asking for explanations of grammar rules or word usage are off topic on this site, but may be welcome on our sister site Ukrainian Language Stack Exchange.

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How to get started with Ukrainian alphabet?

I want to learn Ukrainian, but I need a tool to learn the Ukrainian alphabet before I get started with Duolingo's Ukrainian course.
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Printable keyboard layout for Ukrainian on a MacBook Pro [closed]

I want to be able to type efficiently in Ukrainian on my MacBook Pro computer. If possible, I want to just print out a piece of paper that's at the same scale as my actual keyboard, and lay it over ...
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12 votes
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What differences are there in the difficulty of learning Ukrainian and Russian to a very basic level?

I'm considering learning either Russian or Ukrainian to a very basic level. Basically, to be able to read out loud written text (at least that written in print), and learn a few phrases. I've already ...
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