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For questions related to helping people learn a new language (tutoring).

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Helping a Chinese native improve her advanced-level English

I'm helping a middle-aged, college-educated woman from mainland China improve her English. This is a hard-working, well-educated, highly-self-motivated student. She has lived in the USA for many years....
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Do most language learners use a tutor/teacher?

I had a language tutor for a number of years and did not progress to fluency. I've seen that many language learners, once they get convinced that they can learn a new language, go on to learn ...
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Is there a scientific evidence of class / teacher importance for adult learners?

The role of a teacher in teaching languages to adults is not clear. By roles, I mean, for example: facilitator, manager, assessor, resources, participant and counselor. Suppose learners concentrate ...
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How to find Mongolian tutors in Sydney

How do I find Mongolian tutors in Sydney, Australia? I'm trying to find a tutor for Mongolian in Sydney, but haven't had much luck. I managed to find one tutor who is a native speaker, but she'll ...
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How can I help a language student overcome the "mental block" to learn?

Many first time second language students feel that learning a new language is indescribably hard. Many have a "mental block" of sorts that prevents them from remembering new vocabulary, or even "...
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How can I help a person improve their L2 pronunciation?

My wife is a native Spanish speaker. I'm a native English speaker. At home we speak both languages nearly interchangeably. But now she has a job speaking English. How can I most effectively help her ...
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