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Questions about learning or teaching transliteration, i.e. the conversion of text from one script to another.

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Transcribing / translating snippet of Burmese (to English)

So I have this picture of Burmese text which I think might be interesting to know the meaning of. I know translation is off-topic here, but I gather that asking which tools are recommended is allowed ...
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Tools for Romanization of Arabic

I would like a list of free and paid tools for converting Arabic script into a Romanized form, whether that is Franco-Arabic or some other form of Romanization/transliteration. Such tools are helpful ...
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Is there a Persian Transliteration App

The question says it all... I'm looking for a google translate-type app/website, where I can type in english phrases and have them be transliterated from Farsi :) Right now, I can't read the arabic ...
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Which romanization system is closest to native pronunciation of Standard Mandarin?

The most commonly used Mandarin romanization systems are Hanyu Pinyin (most common by far), Gwoyeu Romatzyh (GR), and Wade-Giles (more common in Taiwan than China). Based on your experience, and ...
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How can I look up transliterations of words I hear (in Hebrew)?

I combine many resources when learning a language. One of my best resources is audio-only, but there are many times when I need to look up a transliteration, such as when I can't distinguish if a word ...
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Is it good practice to learn new foreign words with transcription in my native language?

For example, the English kitchen [китчен]. Is this way suitable for children?
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Is there an online resource that transliterates from IPA into different writing systems?

I am trying to transliterate the pronunciation (i.e. I do not mind the actual meaning of the sentence) of a French sentence (e.g. "Qui est Kaélé ?") into other writing systems (like simplified Chinese,...
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