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Sight interpretation as the way to enhance speaking ability

The most effective language learning method is perhaps what the Mormon Church does to train their missionaries. They have traditional lessons and live in the language village where they do daily stuff ...
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Is translation a more relevant skill when learning a foreign language more closely related to your native language?

Anecdotally, I've encountered people online who consider language learning closely related to translation. This took me by surprise, since I consider learning foreign languages to be weakly ...
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Are word translations adequate when starting to learn a new language?

Being a native Spanish speaker, I've learnt English as a second language since I was a child, starting at age 5, (I'm 23), and when I was 14-15 I started to learn German at a language school, with ...
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Google translate: Hebrew, why no pronunciation? Why some languages have it and others not?

If I put in a word in English and translate it to Arabic, we get Arabic spelling as well an how to pronounce the word. But not for Hebrew -- we only get the word in Hebrew letters. Yiddish also gives ...
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How can a Hindi speaker understand Nepali?

I know Hindi very well. I can understand some of the words and partial sentences of Nepali. But I am not able to understand full meaning. What are some ways that can help me to understand it? Like I ...
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Reverso web site speaks too fast

Reverso has a play feature that plays a voice saying the selected text. I am using this for learning Russian but find that the playback speaks so fast as to be useless. Is there a way to slow it ...
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Should my current translating process be improved and if so how?

Questions regarding specific language learning techniques or resources, and their effectiveness in comparison to others area allowed on this site according to the help center. The following is the ...
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Translating paragraphs then comparing with an existing translation: is this technique used to improve writing skills?

Basically, this is what I have in mind: Step 1: Buy a book in your target language (the language you want to learn). Step 2: Buy the same book in your source language (likely your native language). ...
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Why is it that I can understand German when I have had low amount of exposure to it?

I have noticed something interesting to me. Over the past 10 or so years, I have been exposed to German in 2 main contexts, studying German vocabulary and seeing German words in music. This exposure ...
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What multi-language translator or dictionary software is it worth to consider? [closed]

I used to use Google Translate (mostly as a dictionary - for single words), but I would wish to know if there's something else worth considering, so I don't miss something better. I concerned if there'...
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How can one learn to be a professional translator on their own time?

Is it possible, with a high-level study of grammar and a deep knowledge of the terminology used in whatever area you intend to translate in (obviously not in medicine or law, where such things are ...
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How can I be an interpreter? [closed]

I'm Bangladeshi and my native language is Bangla/Bengali. If I can speak English fluently, can I be an interpreter? And is there any course for interpretation?
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Find free dictionary with example sentences (e.g. English - German)

Are there free dictionaries available online for download? I have been looking for data which provides multiple possible translations and examples, e.g.: Input word: Nevertheless Output: ("...
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Is it possible to learn a language without translation?

Let's assume I have no knowledge in a language I want to learn. I know only some basic alphabet, but don't know any words. Is it possible to learn a language just by watching videos and reading books ...
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Transcribing / translating snippet of Burmese (to English)

So I have this picture of Burmese text which I think might be interesting to know the meaning of. I know translation is off-topic here, but I gather that asking which tools are recommended is allowed ...
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What's a Japanese language-learning website with interlinear gloss translations?

I've been trying to find one of these for years. I love the wikipedia examples where they have a sentence, a word-by-word gloss, and an English translation. Like this: 太陽が|東の|空に|昇る。 taiyō ga | ...
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Is there a website that can help with finding the most appropriate word for a sentence?

I assume most writers and translators come across this issue every once in a while: you know what you want to write, but you cannot come up with the best word (usually an adjective or an adverb, in my ...
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Evidence that translating L2 into L1 improves L2 acquisition

I run a project where young bilingual volunteers translate English-language media into the home language for their families. I believe one of the benefits is that, because our volunteers have to ...
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Collaborative translation

I'd like to improve my language skills by translating, if possible with feedback from others on my translation. Therefore I'd like to know whether there's a community for carrying out collaborative ...
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Literary translation production: How much does it help with a language?

Can anyone comment, preferably with evidence, on the benefit to language learners of translating literary works from their target language into their native language --specifically with a goal of ...
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