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Questions related to theories about language learning (both native language and foreign languages) and language teaching.

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What ways can ChatGPT assist with learning a foreign language?

I believe ChatGPT's strong linguistic capability would enhance language learning. But I think it depends as ChatGPT may sometimes provide incorrect responses with confidence. and language learners may ...
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How did Chomsky's Universal Grammar impact language learning theory in the 1950s and 1960s?

Many people nowadays know Noam Chomsky mainly as a social critic and political activist. For those who have a background in linguistics, he is a major figure in twentieth-century linguistics. One of ...
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Studies on average time by full immersion in 2nd+ language to become conversant?

Are there any studies that have noted some "average"1 length of time for a brand new 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) language learner fully immersed in a culture to pick up a new language to a level of at least ...
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What is the "emergentist" approach to SLA?

What is emergentism and how does it relate to second language acquisition? What is the evidence for it?
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What affects how hard something is to learn in my L2?

Features of an L2 are of varying difficulty. For example, many English learners of Spanish struggle with things like subjunctive mood. Personally, I struggle with negation in Norwegian (the negative ...
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Are second languages processed the same way as first languages?

Everyone who is cognitively normal is capable of learning a language natively. The fact that humans seem to have an innate capacity to learn any natural language is one of the underlying principles of ...
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What is the Representational Deficit Hypothesis?

I've been reading about second language acquisition, and I've come across the Representational Deficit Hypothesis (also known as the Failed Functional Features Hypothesis). What is it? And where can I ...