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Questions about how to prepare for a proficiency test.

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For those who didn't blindly guess on the notoriously hard HSK6 语病 ("faulty wording") section, how did you prepare?

The first 10 questions of the Chinese HSK6 reading section are notoriously hard. Each question gives you 4 sentences and the task is to choose the one containing some kind of error. This part is so ...
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Can anyone help me to find out what resources are suitable for practicing the TOEFL exam reading section?

I had the TOEFL exam a few days ago. I got 27 in writing, 25 in speaking, 26 in listening, and 17 in reading. Although I was able to read all the text, in the reading section, almost easily, the ...
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Website offering simulations of the IELTS test

I'm looking for some website offering simulation IELTS tests. When I was planning to present the TOEFL I found a website called Scorte Nexus, that offers simulation TOEFL tests, and I found it very ...
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Path for German A1 to B2 certificate in one year

I am looking to take the Goethe Institut B2 test roughly one year from now. I have studied some German in the past, so I'd say I'm at an A1 level and could probably get to A2 quickly. I have never ...
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