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Questions about learning or teaching Swedish, a North Germanic language spoken mainly in Sweden.

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What specialist/engineering/technical vocabulary Nordic-English dictionaries are available?

I am looking for vocabularies/dictionaries for the Nordic languages specific to engineering. These books do exist for some other fields, such as Danish-English vocabularies for law. I have been unable ...
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How do I pronounce the Swedish "o": /ʊ uː/ or /ɔ oː/?

I'm a Swedish learner. As a beginner in Swedish, I thought the Swedish "o" was pronounced /o oː/. However, recently, I read the Wikipedia article "Swedish phonology", and I noticed ...
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Are Swedish/Danish/Norwegian ever taught as a single pluricentric language?

Due to largely overlapping vocabulary and morphology, mutual intelligibility among the three Scandinavian languages is near-complete (and in spite of claims that “Danish is impossible to understand”, ...
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Swedish vs Norwegian vs Danish. What the easiest language to learn for a native-Russian speaker with C1-level English? [closed]

Swedish vs Norwegian vs Danish, What's the easiest language to learn, overall? I am native in Russian, but pretty good at English (C1). The purposes of learning new language would be to be able to ...
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Before visiting Scandinavia, is it better to learn one Scandinavian language to fluency or a smattering of all three?

I have heard that virtually all Scandinavians are fluent in English. However, I would prefer to learn Norwegian, Swedish or Danish before visiting in order to blend in better. I also understand that ...
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Reflexive and possessive pronouns in Swedish [closed]

Consider the following in Swedish: Mannen har en katt. Hans katt äter sin mat. My question is, whose food is the cat eating? Is the cat eating the cat's food, or the man's food? My understanding is ...
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Swedish diphthongs, occurrence

Concerning Swedish phonology, I am presently trying to determine the form with end article of words. For instance the word kilo I incorrectly determine as kiloett when it is in fact kilot ...
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2 answers

Graded readers for Swedish?

As several other questions have pointed out, graded readers are a good type of material for extensive reading. Where can I find graded readers in Swedish?