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Should I correct my grammar mistakes or just ignore them while practice speaking?

While practice speaking a foreign language, I often find myself make a mistake during the speech and correct it immediately. The mistakes usually come from grammar, which I rarely do in writing. For ...
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What sequences of learning kanji characters, their readings, meanings, and related vocabulary tend toward longest retention?

In Japanese, many words can be written both with just the kana (phonetically) and with the kanji (Chinese characters). For example, the character 年 (ねん - "nen") means "year". In ...
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Momentum and hours per week

I was told I could be in a beginner's Hebrew class that meets for two hours per week, without any required out-of-class work. I said (or rather, wished to say) that this situation is hopeless: two ...
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Will having a part time or freelancing translation job affect my effort of thinking in second language?

I'm a native Persian speaker and I've been learning English since I was 11. Of course in the first years of learning, I actually had a lot of mistakes in choosing methods that I will never repeat in ...
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Does writing out by hand generally strengthen retention better than computerized memorization methods?

Language learning (well, in my experience) involves a lot of review. A LOT. Pounding that vocabulary into my brain again and again; over and over. I spend a lot of time on the computer, so, naturally,...
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Do any studies show what the effect is of skipping daily language practice for one day? [closed]

Most language teachers that you talk to strongly recommend daily practice. Some applications, like Duolingo, add incentives to encourage users to practice every day. Is there actually evidence that ...
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