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Questions about the evaluation of the language skills of learners by teachers.

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CEFR-based assessment rubrics

Regarding action-oriented scenarios, I do not know how to create an analytic grid/rubric (that is, a six/five-point Likert rating scale) calibrating CEFR descriptors of the same level, say B1 (...
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How can a YouTuber demonstrate that they are actually fluent in a language?

There's a bunch of YouTubers nowadays who claim to speak fluently in some second language. Some can; some can't but pretend to. I've noticed some YouTubers use a lot of techniques to inflate their ...
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Evaluating incorrect answers in a language learning app

I'm currently working on developing a language learning web app that provides the user with better feedback. One of the things that I'm looking into right now is evaluating wrong answers. I'd like ...
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How to certify language skills online

I am learning by myself Polish language and I would like to validate my skills by an official certificate. I did it when I was in school for English and Spanish with the CECR levels (European). I'm ...
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Grading vocabulary: How correct is necessary?

When grading vocabulary (either in a traditional classroom/test environment, or spaced repetition), is there any research into how to most effectively grade responses? Examples of possible answers (...
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