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For questions related to simultaneous bilingualism, i.e. having two native languages.

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Resources for teaching children Chinese

My nine-year-old son is bilingual English/French (British father, French mother) and absolutely devours books for his age in both languages (ie his reading age in both languages seems roughly equal), ...
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When to start encouraging my bilingual child not to mix languages?

I am a native English speaker and my wife is a native Spanish speaker and we both speak the others' language fluently. We live in a predominently English-speaking country. We have been raising our two-...
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What is my first and second language?

First, let's take a look at the meaning of first language by Wikipedia: A first language, native language or mother tongue (also known as father tongue, arterial language or L1) is a language that a ...
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Tips on raising bilingual children

My wife and I have been discussing how our kids (whenever that may happen) will properly learn both her native language (Russian) and mine (English) while likely growing up in the US or the UK, ...
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How do I make sure that I don't speak different languages?

So, at home, I speak "Chinglish" (a mix of Chinese and English). I talk to my friends in "Frenglish" (a mix of French and English) and currently learning Japanese, so I sometimes get confused with ...
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Does having two first languages make you more effective in learning second languages later?

Have there been any studies that study the effect of having two first languages (simultaneous bilingualism) on the capacity of learning second languages later? If so, what was their result?
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