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Questions tagged [self-learning]

Questions regarding self-learning, i.e. teaching oneself a language with minimal or no prior experience with it.

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48 votes
6 answers

How can I verify my pronunciation without a native speaker?

I've been learning Japanese for a short while, and it uses some sounds that aren't in my native language (English). (For example, the "r" sound, which has been described to me as a combination of "d", ...
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Should I use original version subtitles or subtitles in my language? [closed]

I watch every TV series and movies in English but sometimes I can't understand some really specific words that are rarely used by the English native speakers themselves. Should I use subtitles in my ...
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Is it possible to learn a language just by being exposed to media and books? [closed]

Say I want to learn to speak Chinese. Could it be possible to learn Chinese just by watching subtitled Chinese movies/tv and reading books made for children?
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