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Questions about proficiency tests, e.g. what components they have, the levels they define, their validity, etc. For questions about how to prepare for a test use (also) the [test-preparation] tag.

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What is the impact of Large Language Models on language assessment?

How can the use of large language models like ChatGPT change the assessment of language learning, and what implications does this have for teaching and learning? Considering the impact that computers ...
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How long between each TOCFL level for learning Mandarin?

This is the same question as How long between each HSK level for learning Mandarin? but for the Taiwanese test rather than the mainland one. A common question among language learners is how long will ...
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How is it possible to have 'standardized' test of languages?

In the comments of this question I askeda, an interesting point was raised in an exchange between two users: When teaching the language, you have to say which answer is gonna get accepted in the FCE ...
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Is there some test/tests that I can easily use to gauge my level of "proficiency"? [duplicate]

Is there some test/tests that I can easily use to gauge my level of "proficiency"? Without going to some costly test.
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How similar are the "faulty sentence" sections of the Chinese Gaokao 高考 exam and the HSK6?

I recently learned the Chinese Gaokao 高考 exam includes a 病句 ("faulty sentence") section. This has piqued my interest as I prepare for the HSK6 which includes the notoriously hard HSK6 语病 (&...
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How reliable is the EFSET test?

I've recently taken the EFSET and got a CEFR C2. My Certificate My question is, how reliable is that test? If not, is there a (hopefully not that expensive) way to get a accurate knowledge of my ...
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Negative questions in (English language) listening tests

I work for a company that produces ELT materials. We write various kinds of reading and listening passages, followed by comprehension questions. Our staff writers use the "What is NOT true" ...
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Is it true that improving the reading skill also enhances the writing skill and improving the listening skill strengthens the speaking skill?

I am new here. Greetings. We ( in Japan ) have 4 major English tests, which are, Eiken ( Japanese original ), TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS. The most popular test among those is TOEIC. However, while ...
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Choosing the right TOEIC test

I'm looking for an internship in Amsterdam and I was wondering which TOEIC test would best help boost my resume ? Would it be adequate for an internship ?
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Path for German A1 to B2 certificate in one year

I am looking to take the Goethe Institut B2 test roughly one year from now. I have studied some German in the past, so I'd say I'm at an A1 level and could probably get to A2 quickly. I have never ...
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