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Questions tagged [portuguese]

Questions about learning or teaching the Portuguese language, a Romance language spoken mostly in Portugal and Brazil. Questions asking for explanations of grammar rules or word usage are off topic on this site, but may be welcome on our sister site Portuguese Language Stack Exchange.

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Online Portuguese [PT-PT] language course

Duolingo has Portuguese in its program, but is built for [PT-BR], Brazilian Portuguese. I’m looking for quite a while to find an online language course in European Portuguese [PT-PT]. In general, ...
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How long does it take to learn Brazilian Portuguese if I speak Spanish on a B2 level?

I speak Spanish on a B2 level. How many months does it take to learn Brazilian Portuguese if I already speak Spanish?
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Between Polish and Portuguese, which language is easier to learn for an English speaker, and why?

Between those two, whose grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation is closer to English? Is there any other reason?
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Which Portuguese language to be learned when moving to Angola, Luanda

I will be moving to Angola, Luanda very soon. I have heard that the spoken language of Luanda is Portuguese which is different from Portugal-Portuguese. So which language do you suggest to learn ...
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5 votes
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How to find correct pronunciations for Portugal-Portuguese words and phrases?

I am going to Portugal soon to live for a couple of months and have a list of key phrases I think I'll be using a lot (a list of about 30 items). However I have been told that Google Translate only ...
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Graded readers for Portuguese?

Extensive reading or reading for pleasure is an excellent way of getting a lot of "comprehensible input" in a foreign language. Graded readers provide this type of comprehensible. Are there any graded ...
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How to say "Alexander I" in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish? [closed]

What are the proper ways to say something like "Alexander I" in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish? In English, you say "Alexander the First". Do you say something like "Alexandre le Premier"...
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Series to watch to learn Portuguese? [closed]

I am currently learning Portuguese. I use Duolingo for it (which is working well, better as I expected). Now I think I can take on the next step (at least I hope!). I want purchase some series (for ...
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