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Questions about learning or teaching Persian, an Indo-Iranian language spoken primarily in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Persian is also known as Farsi in Iran and as Dari in Afghanistan.

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Would it be easier for someone who speaks Farsi to learn English or Arabic?

Since English and Farsi are both Indo-European languages, one might think English is easier. But Farsi and Arabic have similar systems of writing, and I would guess they've had influence on each other,...
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How do I learn literature and grammar of English, Farsi and Japanese and become fluent?

I'm planning to become a translator and I can already understand, read and write Farsi and English and don't know Japanese. for Japanese, I'm Studying Genki volumes and Japanese from zero books, I've ...
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Are there any online websites to get Persian exposure or have a discussion with native Persian speakers?

Are there any online websites to get Persian exposure or have a discussion with native Persian speakers? (or maybe find people to exchange languages and practice together)
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7 votes
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Are there any online Persian/Farsi dictionaries that include diacritics for pronunciation?

Persian is written in the Perso-Arabic alphabet and, like Arabic and Hebrew, is written without vowels. This makes it hard for a learner to decipher the exact pronunciation of any Persian word without ...
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Persian/Arabic/Urdu poetry writing format? [closed]

I have mainly seen three types of poetry writing formats in Urdu. I suppose, Urdu is similar to Persian and Arabic. Examples of formats: All verses centered. Single verse per line. Two columns. Two ...
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Is there a Persian Transliteration App

The question says it all... I'm looking for a google translate-type app/website, where I can type in english phrases and have them be transliterated from Farsi :) Right now, I can't read the arabic ...
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Learning Persian with Latin alphabet

Is there any free online resource for learning basic Persian without learning arabic script? I tried several online courses but they all begin with teaching script first. This is very demotivating to ...
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Way to learn Persian (Perso-Arabic) alphabet

I'm going to learn the Persian alphabet. I found it very difficult because the letters look different depending on whether they are at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a word. Is there ...
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