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An individual's native languages (or mother tongues; L1) are those which have been learned by or before the critical period

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Is it possible for an adult to learn a language without carrying a foreign accent?

As an adult, I'm working on learning French, coming from a background growing up speaking a few languages natively. According to French friends of mine I practice with, I have a "good" accent, but I'...
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According to scientific research, which languages take the least time to learn for a native English speaker?

Basically what I'm just asking in the question's title. By learning a language, I mean being able to fluently speak it, understand it, write it, and read it. I would think French or German. Please ...
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Is "difficulty" an inherent trait in language?

It's quite common to talk about the relative difficulty(1, 2, 3, etc) of languages. But do languages have an inherent difficulty? Put another way, perhaps, are some languages easier or more ...
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What are the steps to native language acquisition for children?

I've been trying to find literature that talks about steps taken to typically learn a language. I know that based on what I've read that children start from a one-word stage to multi-word stage. What ...
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What qualities separate those few who acquire native speaker fluency, from those who are only fluent?

Assumptions Abbreviate Native Speaker Fluency: NSF. NSF excludes L2 learners' noticeable, but insignificantly different, accent because native speakers can understand them. But NSF necessitates ...
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Is it possible to learn a foreign language well enough to be indistinguishable from a native speaker?

Note I don't ask if this is easy. I ask if this is possible, since it is certailny not easy. According to this Quora answer at least, it would seem it is not possible - but Quora is Quora. I am aware ...
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Language Acquisition: What's the very first step (and the steps that come after that) in language learning?

If I need to teach a child English without the use of any other language, how and where should I start? Alphabets* Words Pronunciation? Nouns? Tenses? Sentences? Repeat 2-6? I need an order that ...