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Questions related to motivation in the context of language learning or teaching, e.g. its effects or how to increase it.

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Evidence that the European Day of Languages motivates EU citizens to learn foreign languages?

Today, 26 September, is (or was) the European Day of Languages. The Council of Europe came up with the idea of a European Day of Languages in 2001, the European Year of Languages. The initiative has ...
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How to overcome language learning fatigue when learning Standard Chinese?

An acquaintance of mine has been learning Standard Chinese in his spare time for a number of years. He passed the HSK3 test with a very high score and started preparing for HSK4. However, he recently ...
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How to avoid burnout in the first place?

People commonly get burned out when studying foreign languages, therefore it would be good to know strategies for avoiding burnout in the first place. What are known preemptive practices, mental ...
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What are psychologically good methods of learning the language?

I am developing a website for learning foreign language and first idea which came to my mind is to open courses where people learn grammar and put correct words as well as correct articles. Also some ...
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