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Questions about mnemonic techniques or memory devices, i.e. techniques that aid the retention of something in memory.

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Mnemonics for learning vocabulary and complex writing for people with aphantasia

Aphantasia is the inability to create mental images. In the most extreme cases, people with this condition are completely incapable of re-creating any sensual information and lack mind's eye. All ...
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Collection of mnemonics for learning foreign languages?

I recently noticed that some language versions of Wikipedia have a list of mnemonic devices that contains examples that can be used for learning languages. For example: Mnemonic devices on the ...
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Is the “T-Coding Method” a reliable method to learn vocabulary?

In Iran someone named "Mr Taraghghi" has imported a method for learning English vocabulary called "Vocabulary Coding" for Persian native speakers that works like this example: Consider the word "...
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