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For questions related to pairs of words or phrases that differ only in one phonological element.

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Minimal pairs for Danish u and ø?

I'm trying to learn Danish [ø] myself. Is there an example of minimal pairs for the Danish vowels [ø] and [u]? By minimal pairs I mean, for example, "beat" and "bit" which exhibit ...
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anki minimal pairs

I'm looking for a way to practice minimal pairs with anki in a relatively effective way. One of the problems I'm having is the minimal pair cards are not random enough. Also, the cards aren't shown ...
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Should I mix different dialects on minimal pairs deck?

After posting this question, I investigated why I don't understand the sound difference, and I found out that one of the reasons must be the different dialects that exist in the deck. I installed the ...
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How can you understand the pronunciation differences if you don't understand them even on minimal pairs training?

The minimal pair training seems to be the best way for adults to distinguish the sound difference on a foreign language that doesn't exist in his/her native language. According to Fluent: But it’s ...
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How can I understand the difference between the 'D' sound and 'T' sound?

I have started learning English. Currently, I can't understand the difference between the 'D' sound and the 'T' sound while listening to someone speaking or in audio. How can I learn how to ...
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Are minimal pairs for learners of a given L2 independent of their L1?

As mentioned in this question, Gabriel Wyner attaches a lot of importance to minimal pairs in the early stages of learning of foreign language. Gabriel Wyner is a native speaker of English, and his ...
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Is there a web site for minimal pairs in arbitrary languages?

Gabriel Wyner puts a strong emphasis on studying minimal pairs to improve pronunciation. But I have yet to find a good resource for actually finding minimal pair lists. It seems I'm not alone. When ...
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Minimal pairs for Mongolian

What minimal pairs are available for a native speaker of English learning Mongolian? Ideally, they should be based on real words, have spelling in Mongolian Cyrillic available, and have pronunciation ...
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How to train yourself to contrast heard sounds

When trying to learn new languages, I have often encountered a problem when hearing sounds that don't exist in the Polish language (my native language). In my mind they "become" other, more familiar ...
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Is there any software for minimal-pair training?

Gabriel Wyner, in his book Fluent Forever, stresses the importance of minimal pair training early in the language learning process. He summarizes the research behind this suggestion in this video. ...
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