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Questions tagged [listening]

Questions related to listening, especially developing and improving listening skills.

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How do language learners identify "good" language models to imitate?

The company I work for provides educational resources for teaching English in a variety of classrooms across India. Some of these classrooms are in very remote rural and tribal areas. We've seen a lot ...
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Can comprehension happen before meaning?

I'm trying to find the right terminology to describe the learning process that might be happening when a language learner goes from comprehension to meaning, rather than the other way around. Imagine ...
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Is there evidence that tongue twisters help with listening and pronunciation?

The motivation for this question is a Chinese.SE answer: Have you tried practicing with tongue twisters (绕口令)? ... They can help with both listening and pronunciation. Repetition is really the only ...
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How to cope with noise in the background?

I find that my ability to understand speech deteriorates rapidly when there is noise in the background. The effect seems to be more pronounced the weaker the language is for me - English is fine even ...
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Negative questions in (English language) listening tests

I work for a company that produces ELT materials. We write various kinds of reading and listening passages, followed by comprehension questions. Our staff writers use the "What is NOT true" ...
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Should I mix different dialects on minimal pairs deck?

After posting this question, I investigated why I don't understand the sound difference, and I found out that one of the reasons must be the different dialects that exist in the deck. I installed the ...
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How can I systematically verify that I can hear correctly words belonging to a vocabulary list?

I've been studying the Chinese HSK6 vocabulary, and the majority of words I can read correctly. What worries me is that sometimes (often?) when I'm listening, I don't recognize certain words. If ...
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Are there any short and entertaining English animation channels similar to GAG Anime that can help improve my listening skills?

I've been learning Japanese by watching anime and YouTube videos (I think this is my learning style), especially from these channels:
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How can I improve my listening for a selection of Chinese HSK6 words?

I downloaded Mandarin Corner's mp3s where, for each of the 2500 Chinese HSK6 words, Teacher Eileen says the word twice, then its example sentence twice. I note down the words which I don't near-...
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Graded watching for Korean

I'm sure most people here know of graded readers for language learning, but I'm wondering if there are any resources for "graded watching" in Korean. I'll be making a similar post to ask ...
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How to force youtube site auto-generated to create closed caption for an uploaded video on its site

I have an idea for intermediate language learners who want to improve their languages skills by using video on youtube. Learners could improve listening skill by watching videos in target language. If ...
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Russian listening for A1 level

I have a proficiency level of A1 in Russian and I'm looking forward to improve it. One way I imagine could be beneficial, would be listening everyday to native speakers in the form of podcasts, for ...
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