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For questions related to the study of language design, syntax and word meaning. NOT to be used for general language learning questions.

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Controversy & Debate in SLA: Can I ever get concrete takeaways?

I learned Mandarin in high school and later in life (now) started becoming interested in how I was able to acquire it, i.e., the study of SLA. My goal: As of now, I hope to have concrete strategies ...
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SubCategorization Frame of a verb

I am working on verbal clustering. And to train my model, I need features like SCF of the verbs. To understand what it is, I read that an SCF is a structure which gives the syntactic nature of the ...
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Characteristics or Preferences of Age Groups When Learning/Acquiring a Language

I've been looking for some research studies to get into more depth about the characteristics of age groups when learning a language. My main focus is on ages of 17 and 18 (basically, when teenagers ...
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Steps for using the natural method/direct method to make a course, how to use it to teach effectively

If I wanted to write a book or a course using the direct method/natural method, how to do it scientifically? Which methodology to use? My question focus about the use of linguistics theories to teach,...
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