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For questions related to the study of language design, syntax and word meaning. NOT to be used for general language learning questions.

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What topics should I have knowledge of when teaching ESL?

I am someone who's been learning English as a second language from a very young age, through consuming A LOT of American media, as a result, I grew up to be very fluent in it, and because I pretty ...
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Controversy & Debate in SLA: Can I ever get concrete takeaways?

I learned Mandarin in high school and later in life (now) started becoming interested in how I was able to acquire it, i.e., the study of SLA. My goal: As of now, I hope to have concrete strategies ...
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SubCategorization Frame of a verb

I am working on verbal clustering. And to train my model, I need features like SCF of the verbs. To understand what it is, I read that an SCF is a structure which gives the syntactic nature of the ...
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Is it more difficult for a native Chinese speaker to learn English, or vice versa?

I am a native Chinese speaker, and it was an excruciating journey for me to learn English. My personal belief is that the reason lies in the linguistics, namely the Chinese language may be somewhat ...
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Characteristics or Preferences of Age Groups When Learning/Acquiring a Language

I've been looking for some research studies to get into more depth about the characteristics of age groups when learning a language. My main focus is on ages of 17 and 18 (basically, when teenagers ...
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Steps for using the natural method/direct method to make a course, how to use it to teach effectively

If I wanted to write a book or a course using the direct method/natural method, how to do it scientifically? Which methodology to use? My question focus about the use of linguistics theories to teach,...
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Collaborative translation

I'd like to improve my language skills by translating, if possible with feedback from others on my translation. Therefore I'd like to know whether there's a community for carrying out collaborative ...
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Making the Most of College Foreign Language Courses (Meta Learning?)

I am required to take two semesters of a foreign language for my degree. I do not know if I will make much use of the language I choose or continue study after the two semesters are done. I may not ...
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Is there a term for the prestige language that's learned more-or-less natively?

I've seen here a lot of use of L1 and L2 to distinguish between the mother tongue, and the language learned later in life. This makes me wonder if there is any good terminology to refer to the ...
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How can I learn IPA?

There are many resources that I wish I could use, but can't, because I don't understand the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) fluently. I constantly need to refer to a table of characters, and I'm ...
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