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Questions about learning or teaching the classical language Latin, the language used by the ancient Romans, now the foundation for the various Romance languages. Questions asking for explanations of grammar rules or word usage are off topic on this site, but may be welcome on our sister site Latin Language Stack Exchange.

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Low-intermediate graded readers for Latin

Which books can I use to progress in Latin reading once I have finished Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: Colloquia Personarum? The degree of difficulty should correspond more or less to the level you ...
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Is it possible to learn Hebrew or Greek without a teacher or an online course?

My first is a latin-based language, and I know just the latin script, I have no experience writing in cyrilic script, greek script, and hebrew script. Is it possible to learn Hebrew or Greek from ...
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Do Romanian nouns use the same gender as corresponding Latin nouns?

Both Latin and Romanian have three noun genders - masculine, feminine, neuter. What is the level of correspondence between genders in these two languages? That is, do the same words use the same ...
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Has anyone successfully learned to read a dead language while skipping the formal grammar study?

I have attended a few traditional masses in Latin. My proposal is to learn the language by reading the bilingual prayers and Bible readings. Since I can already read Spanish and French, I have been ...
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Is it generally better to learn Latin first? [duplicate]

Is it generally better to learn Latin first then deductively learn french, spanish, etcetera or to go vice versa and inductively learn latin? Please provide a reason why, as I seek to decide on a ...
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Resources for learning Medieval Latin from scratch?

Medieval Latin is somewhat different from Classical Latin because it had ceased to be a living language. If someone who never learnt Classical Latin wants to learn Medieval Latin on their own, which ...
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How can I quickly learn to understand a Latin text if I know Romance languages?

After studying French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and now looking at a Latin text it seems like I’m basically there, I’m just missing things. What are some things I could/should learn to ...
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Learning Latin with Dowling's Wheel

According to Dowling's Wheel the first step in learning Latin is the memorization of verb conjugations and noun declensions tables. My question is where do I find those tables? I've googled a little ...
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How useful is studying Latin for learners of more than one Romance language?

We all know that Vulgar Latin is the ancestor of all the Romance languages. It is also known as a great source of classical literature and was used for many centuries as the "lingua franca" of ...
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