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Questions related to learning a language by regularly communicating with a native (or near-native) speaker of your target language, whom you help learning your native language. Also known as tandem learning. Note that this is not a teaching approach; for teaching, use the [teaching] tag or the [teaching-methods] tag.

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What is the proper etiquette for a nonnative speaker who wants to practice Mandarin at a Chinese supermarket in the US?

There is a Chinese supermarket in the US I often shop at. I often hear the staff speaking Mandarin or Cantonese, and occasionally Hakka or Fujianese, amongst themselves and to Chinese customers. I can ...
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How important is to find language exchange partner?

Currently, with all social networks and internet, it seems that everybody suggest [citation needed] that the primary way to learn a language is to find a language exchange partner. Beyond the obvious ...
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What is the easy and effective way to learn in tandem live, when speaker A has B1 and speaker B barely has A1 in the language of A speaker?

I learn German (~B1), my friend learns Russian (~A1, just a little bit of the vocabulary and ability to pronounce the text). Mainly we communicate through English. Next couple weeks we live together, ...
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