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For questions that compare one language with one or more other languages.

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How many people in the world can I speak with if I know three languages?

In order to gather some data that can hopefully give an estimate for the correlation between L1 and L2 languages, please take a moment to take this short 2-question survey. The title might be a bit ...
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How and where can I begin learning grammar and syntax in their most abstract form?

I am interested in learning grammar and syntax. I use those words because that's what I learned in middle school, perhaps what I'm really trying to learn is more aptly described by the term '...
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What is the optimal order in which to learn languages?

The general principle of this question is "If you could only speak n languages, which languages would those be to maximize the number of people that you could communicate with?" (not ...
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How can I efficiently find lists of chance correspondences?

Where can I find such compilations or lists systematically? This Japanese-English example is from John McWhorter PhD Linguistics (Stanford)'s The Power of Babel (2003), pp. 226-227. I'm aware of r/...
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Many Chinese students don't continue past the intermediate level (~HSK4); do other Asian languages have this same phenomenon?

If you've studied Chinese, you quickly discover that many students don't follow the HSK beyond HSK4. It seems a lot give up, or at least, find some private method to continue their studies. There ...
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Is Italian best suitable for study as a foreign language for school students?

From this year, school students in Iran could choose Italian as their foreign language. In the past, they only could choose English, French or German, but from this year they also can choose Spanish, ...
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