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Questions tagged [l2-acquisition]

For questions related to the acquisition of a second language.

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9 votes
5 answers

Is it possible to learn a foreign language well enough to be indistinguishable from a native speaker?

Note I don't ask if this is easy. I ask if this is possible, since it is certailny not easy. According to this Quora answer at least, it would seem it is not possible - but Quora is Quora. I am aware ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What qualities separate those few who acquire native speaker fluency, from those who are only fluent?

Assumptions Abbreviate Native Speaker Fluency: NSF. NSF excludes L2 learners' noticeable, but insignificantly different, accent because native speakers can understand them. But NSF necessitates ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Momentum and hours per week

I was told I could be in a beginner's Hebrew class that meets for two hours per week, without any required out-of-class work. I said (or rather, wished to say) that this situation is hopeless: two ...
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