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Questions about learning or teaching the Korean language.

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Resources similar to Nicos Weg for Korean

While learning German, I've found Nicos Weg to be a good resource alongside, and sometimes even more useful than, Duolingo. It's a course provided by the German public international broadcaster ...
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What are some effective options for an American with no nearby Korean-speakers to learn Hangul?

After studying the evolution of language at a very superficial depth I've decided that I want to be able to communicate using Hangul at something like the conversational level. There seem to be no ...
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Does foreknowledge of Cantonese, rather than Mandarin, assist you more in learning Korean?

This r/korean comment answers my question as "yes", but it contains factual errors like "Cantonese is also much closer to Middle Chinese than Mandarin is". This r/linguistics ...
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Graded watching for Korean

I'm sure most people here know of graded readers for language learning, but I'm wondering if there are any resources for "graded watching" in Korean. I'll be making a similar post to ask ...
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In which languages is the lastname written before the name? [closed]

I would like to know in which languages is the lastname always written before the name. I know Taiwanese people do it. I was reading about the creator of Taekwondo Choi Hong Hi and I wondered if Choi ...
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Is there a similar app to Lernu for learning Korean?

I've recently been interested in Esperanto, and found a highly useful site for learning it. Lernu teaches you Esperanto by telling a story Esperanto with the English translation available by hovering ...
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how can I structure my plan learning korean?

I am not a native speaker of Korean and not-native speaker English. I want to make a plan for learning Korean well and maybe arrive to B2 in July 2019. I do not have a lot time because I get up 6 Am, ...
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Should I not speak spanish with my children and my future wife?

I speak Spanish, because is it my mother language, and I go out with a Korean girl. It is possible that we have a friendship love. She does not speak Spanish, only English and Korean, while I speak ...
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Graded readers for Korean?

Extensive reading or reading for pleasure is an excellent way of getting a lot of "comprehensible input" in a foreign language. Graded readers provide this type of comprehensible input. Korean is ...
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Mnemonics for learning Hangul?

I have just started learning Korean in an online course and I'm looking for resources that use mnemonics for Hangul or Hangeul, so I can learn the writing system in less time. Are any such resources ...
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How can one learn a language (such as Korean), when there is no agreement as to how to properly pronounce it?

This is a problem that's been plaguing me for years. I have been wanting to learn Korean, but I just can't get the past the first step: pronouncing it. I can produce and hear aspirated consonants ...
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How can I use the weeks before starting a Korean course?

I'm planning to attend a weekly course for Korean starting on Thursday 27 April. I have about one or two months before the course starts (I'm doing a Russian course for one more month, but I could ...
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How to remember words I never use

How can I put words I don't often use into my long term memory? I have trouble doing this, as I think I know them, and a few weeks later I can't remember them. For example, a word I am trying to ...
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Is it easier for native Japanese speakers to learn Korean, or Korean speakers to learn Japanese?

Japanese and Korean are very similar from a grammatical point of view and it is even possible to translate word for word without losing too much meaning. With respect to pronunciation, Japanese seems ...
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Necessity of studying Hanja to reach intermediate level of Korean proficiency?

Taking the Korean Government's TOPIK examination as a standard, is it necessary to be able to recognize Hanja characters to get an intermediate or advanced level in Korea? Or if someone wants to take ...
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