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Questions about learning or teaching kanji, the logographic Chinese characters used in Japanese writing. This tag should not be used for questions about hiragana, katakana or romaji.

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Is it possible to filter an RTK Kanji Anki deck to only include Kanji from a vocab deck?

Is this an appropriate place to ask about setting up Anki? I have used RTK (Remembering the Kanji) in the past, and it was helpful for kanji recall using the little mnemonics, but I wasn't really ...
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Q: What do I do after I can read kanji, katakana, and hiragana?

I'm starting to learn Japanese but I'm wondering what I do after I can read (know katakana, hiragana, and kanji) and (probably) write Japanese? How do I understand what people are saying and say it ...
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How quickly do western adults learn Kanji?

Learning kanji has the reputation of being among the hardest parts of learning Japanese for many. In order to find a more objective answer to this common question I would like to frame it more ...
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Learning kanji and vocabulary

Learning vocabulary in Japanese (and I assume Chinese) is a strange feeling since one must also learn how to write that word using Chinese characters. When I started learning Japanese, I learnt words ...
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Is there a better way to memorize the stroke order of 恵, 専, and 敷?

The three kanji 恵, 専, and 敷 share the same first 6 strokes. Using the traditional radicals I could describe them as being composed "一, 日, 丨" at the start and then finishing "...心", "...寸", "...⼂, 方, ...
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What sequences of learning kanji characters, their readings, meanings, and related vocabulary tend toward longest retention?

In Japanese, many words can be written both with just the kana (phonetically) and with the kanji (Chinese characters). For example, the character 年 (ねん - "nen") means "year". In ...
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Mnemonics for learning vocabulary and complex writing for people with aphantasia

Aphantasia is the inability to create mental images. In the most extreme cases, people with this condition are completely incapable of re-creating any sensual information and lack mind's eye. All ...
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Is it easy for native Japanese speakers to remember simplified Chinese characters?

Kanji resemble Chinese characters because they were introduced into the Japanese language via Chinese. Is it easy for native Japanese speakers to remember simplified Chinese characters? I'm asking ...
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What is the most efficient way to learn how to write kanji?

Learning kanji is an important part of learning Japanese but what is the most efficient method if I want to be able to write them on the spot? Muscle memory can certainly be useful but writing them ...
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