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Questions about learning or teaching the Japanese language or its writing systems (kanji, katakana, hiragana). General questions about Japanese can be asked on our sister site Japanese Language Stack Exchange.

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Is it necessary to learn the characters of a language that uses logograms [Japanese]?

I want to learn Japanese and most books or guides begin with how to draw an logogram and to repeat the process of "writing" and single character dozens of times. And learning hundreds of those signs ...
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2 answers

Graded readers for Japanese?

As several other questions already mentioned, graded readers are a good resources for extensive reading, at least for people who are not yet sufficiently proficient to read texts written for native ...
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4 answers

First learn speaking and then writing OR both at once?

I am a novice to the Japanese language, and this question might have some opinion-based answers but I could use some advice. Should I learn to speak some basic words and sentences up to a level where ...
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What aspects of "Remembering the Kana" make it effective for learning kana?

While Remembering the Kana is regarded by some as having some flaws (some have criticised how it teaches katakana, and I've noticed a few inconsistencies or errors in the book that a proof-reader ...
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Which order should I learn Japanese and Chinese? [closed]

Saw this question on Area 51 and I'm learning both languages. Which order should I learn Japanese and Chinese? I already know some French and am fluent in English, so what way would I go from that? ...
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According to scientific research, which languages take the least time to learn for a native Japanese speaker?

Has there been research done about which languages are generally the easiest to learn for an average native Japanese speaker? Do they have an easier time learning Mandarin than learning a Western ...
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What sequences of learning kanji characters, their readings, meanings, and related vocabulary tend toward longest retention?

In Japanese, many words can be written both with just the kana (phonetically) and with the kanji (Chinese characters). For example, the character 年 (ねん - "nen") means "year". In ...
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