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Questions about learning or teaching Icelandic, a North Germanic language spoken on Iceland. Questions asking for explanations of grammar rules or word usage are off topic on this site.

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How are the regular pronunciation rules of Icelandic applied to compounds? [closed]

There are certain rules on pronunciation provided for learners new to Icelandic, a few examples of which are m/n/l/r devoicing before p/t/k, and t-insertion. These rules apply to most words I have so ...
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What free, high-quality, mobile course apps are there for learning Icelandic?

As far as websites go, I was definitely able to find some, e.g.,, etc. However, I am having a hard time finding a decent, free (if ...
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Why is Icelandic considered harder to learn for English speakers than other North Germanic languages?

Multiple sources, including this website, claim that Icelandic is a particularly difficult language to learn for native English speakers. Of particular note, this source claims Icelandic is ...
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