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Questions tagged [hungarian]

Questions about learning or teaching Hungarian, a Uralic language spoken by 24 million people, primarily in Hungary and other areas of eastern Europe. Questions asking for explanations of grammar rules or word usage are off topic on this site.

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Google translate: Hebrew, why no pronunciation? Why some languages have it and others not?

If I put in a word in English and translate it to Arabic, we get Arabic spelling as well an how to pronounce the word. But not for Hebrew -- we only get the word in Hebrew letters. Yiddish also gives ...
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zuhanyozik vs sibilant verbs in hungarian

In my book, there is a rule to conjugate verbs that are both sibilant and -ik verbs. For instance alszik conjugates in present as: alszom, alszol, alszik, alszunk, alszotok, alszanak. Next, it is ...
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Hungarian downloadable dictionary or word list

I want to convert Hungarian words without accents into words with accents, for example arvizturotukorfurogep into árvíztűrőtükörfúrógép. I need a list of words for it in a data format (preferably JSON ...
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Ways how to learn Hungarian grammar

Can you recommend any good resourses where I can learn Hungarian grammar elaborately and in details?And are there any dictionaries about the Hungarian language which give not only the meaning of a ...
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3 answers

Graded readers for Hungarian?

As several other questions already mentioned, graded readers are a good resources for extensive reading, at least for people who are not yet sufficiently proficient to read texts written for native ...
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Why is Hungarian considered 'hard'?

I've looked it up a few times, just to try to get a better understanding of an agglutinating language, and I really fail to see what's so hard about it. Though I'm kinda desensitized to 'hard'; the ...
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