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Language learning in a group of three or more people and how it affects the language process.

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What are some good Spanish board games for beginners?

I am about to start a Spanish Learners club and I am looking for fun board games. I remember playing apples to apples in English sometime ago and I loved it. Is there a Spanish version? Are there ...
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Is there a publicly accessible "Self access language learning center" in or near Washington, DC?

I was recently reading the Wikipedia article on Self access language learning centers, which describes them as ...educational facilities designed for student learning that is at least partially, if ...
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How many US 6th-12th grade students are learning a foreign language?

I'm putting together some market analysis for a business plan for language instruction for the demographic of 6th - 12th grade US students (middle through high school). From various sources online I'...
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Is learning a language together with other non-native speakers risky?

My colleagues and I thought about speaking English at the office to improve our skills. I was not so excited about this. Sure, I'm also interested in improving my language skills, but I'm worried ...
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What method has been identified as the most effective for targeted one-on-one conversational practice?

My girlfriend and I are working on learning Norwegian. It is not a particularly difficult language, as languages go, and it is closely related to English, our L1. Have any studies been done on how ...
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How can I retain attendees at my Conversation Practice meetups?

I took over organization of a Conversation Practice meetup about 6 months ago. The group has no specific language focus, but being in Amsterdam, it's common to have people learning English, Dutch, ...
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Pros and cons of "self-learning" with another non-native speaker vs. by yourself

Consider a scenario in which two people who do not speak L2 try to learn it without human resources. All they have are books in the language, dictionaries, and online learning tools like Duolingo. ...
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