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For questions related to how often you should do something within a period of time, such as a day.

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Momentum and hours per week

I was told I could be in a beginner's Hebrew class that meets for two hours per week, without any required out-of-class work. I said (or rather, wished to say) that this situation is hopeless: two ...
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Studies regarding language reacquisition

In my experience with language learning, 'if you don't use it, you lose it'. Are there any studies regarding re-learning a second language after [extensive] periods of disuse? In particular, I'm ...
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Do any studies show what the effect is of skipping daily language practice for one day? [closed]

Most language teachers that you talk to strongly recommend daily practice. Some applications, like Duolingo, add incentives to encourage users to practice every day. Is there actually evidence that ...
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