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Questions about learning or teaching the constructed language Esperanto.

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Esperanto: English or Spanish

I'm trying to learn Esperanto. I speak fluent English and Spanish and a A2 of German. I was wondering how it would be easier to learn it. Should I translate it to English or Spanish. I guess my ...
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Is there a similar app to Lernu for learning Korean?

I've recently been interested in Esperanto, and found a highly useful site for learning it. Lernu teaches you Esperanto by telling a story Esperanto with the English translation available by hovering ...
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Can learning L3 interfere with my grammatical knowledge of L2?

I speak Spanish at an intermediate level, and I'm attending an intensive course with a lot of grammar (the finer points of using ser & estar, the subjunctive etc.). I'm considering starting ...
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Can Esperanto speakers more easily learn Swahili, or other agglutinative languages?

This video explains how single words in Swahili are constructed from many different parts: The Swahili Language My conclusion was that it must be much easier to learn that when one can speak ...
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Which language is most similar to Esperanto?

I'm just curious about which languages Esperanto is closest to, in order to know for whom it would be easiest to learn this language! For example, could a Spanish speaker learn it more quickly than a ...
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Are there any online resources for practicing spoken Esperanto?

There are already a number of resources online to help learners improve their Esperanto reading, writing and aural comprehension, such as Duolingo, but I want to increase my confidence in speaking ...
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16 votes
6 answers

Do Esperanto audio recordings with English translations exist?

Do you know about any Esperanto audio recordings with English translation? By audio recordings I do not mean language lessons. I would like something more like audio versions of journal/magazine ...
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Why do experts recommend learning Esperanto?

As a constructed language, Esperanto isn't spoken natively by anyone. Yet some linguists, language teachers, and SLA advocates encourage learning Esperanto. Why? What are the primary reasons that ...
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